Best Practices for E-Business Projects

In the current scenario E-business projects are becoming popular day-by-day. People can sell and purchase at their ease. In this regard e-business has got lot of importance and became necessity. To satisfy customer need it becomes mandatory to adopt industry regulations, standards to complete the e-business projects. There are specific things to consider and there is a need to take care while designing the e-business project.

It is necessary to accurately document and follow these requirements. Design has to take care of parallel processing to begin with. There is a huge risk for the application after it goes online and is not able to accommodate desired number of users at a given point of time. Application architecture has to provide protocols for buying the product online. When purchase component has various payment methods, communication needs to happen to transfer the funds from one account to another to complete the purchase transaction. Here the privacy, security and compliance with the banking and financing regulations have to be considered.

Application availability is another core aspect as online applications are globally available and accessible to whosoever has a computer with internet connection. In this scenario website and database have to be available throughout the day on 24×7 basis. This requires dedicated servers and databases. Depending on the size of products, databases have to be maintained. If the application provides support, things like phone service, available communication protocols such as emails, live chat personnel have to be considered.

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SISTec-Ratibad Campus (Bhopal)



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