The 21st century is the revolutionary time for automobile sectors in India in both point of view development as well as public interest. In this time maximum companies developed own as per the market and govt instructions. The competition also increased in all the field of this sector.

But in India, if we talk about the maintenance of vehicle than we get that our expenditure for maintenance is very high as compare to countries like Japan and Germany which are the parent countries of this sector.

I think in our country there is lack of proper explanation about the vehicle specifications and it’s maintenance by the seller at the time of purchase. The second one is the public is not bothered about the maintenance. They use vehicle up to the last stage. Whereas a vehicle requires a proper maintenance in the prefix time period for a smooth run.

We have been watching this in our institute (Sagar Institute of Science & Technology) also since a long time and after deep study we have introduced one module as maintenance of an automobile. Which is compulsory for all the students of mechanical engineering since last four years. Under this module, students learn about the design of different parts of the particular engine along with other body parts of the vehicle. Also learn life and maintenance of different part. Means how can keep fit our vehicle? And students enjoy because this is the most interesting area of the branch. At Sagar Institute of Science & Technology (SISTec) we focus about the knowledge and practical experience of the students in a particular area. We have four units of automobile module in which students learn and get practical experience about the two and four wheelers four-stroke single and multi cylinders diesel and petrol engines.

Our main objective is to reduce national wastage over the maintenance of the automobile and also reduce the cost. And this can be achieved only when we educate the engineers by proper knowledge and experience because after that they can educate the public.


Written By: 

Prof. Bhoopendra Singh

Department of Mechanical Engg.

SISTec Ratibad Campus, Bhopal




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