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We have some misconceptions about ‘life after school’. All of us believe that we are going to have a bit more freedom in our life. That’s also true to an extent as we all turn ‘8’.  But as it is said – “With Great Power come Great Responsibilities”.

As this happens the responsibility to build ourselves into a human being who is fit to be a part of this socio economic atmosphere gets on our shoulders. We struggle to cope up between the life we expected it to be and the way it is.

This balance is what Sagar Institute of Science and Technology – SISTec offers us – SISTec is one of the most innovative private college which offers a professional degree course in disciplines of Engineering, Management and Pharmacy. Sagar Group of InstitutionsSISTec is affiliated to RGPV, Bhopal and approved by AICTE.

It provides us with a faculty seasoned in such a way; they know how to reach the strongest as well as weakest of their class. A fine sports department which encourages us to participate in not only athletes but in water sports as well. SISTec is the only place where there is a standard 25 meter (6 lanes) pool where even the University water sports are also conducted.

Not only sports we learn a lot of leadership and management skills with the help of SAC – Student Activity Council. SAC is basically a committee of students which organizes events. As the organizer and participants both are students, they learn both sportsmanship and management skills.

With this set of skills inculcated in our daily routine, we move on to improve our practical skills, which is where we cross the Labs which are standardized technologically to provide proper workshop etiquettes without compromising on practical knowledge.

Students are then trained by The Training & Placement department through a unique module called the CRT, as an additional subject in every semester which ensures that maximum opportunities are generated. This also paves a way to excel in the participation in open campus drives.

Along with these we also have very friendly management which always looks for suggestions for the best outputs.

With these words, we can definitely say SISTec has “The Best Way of Learning” and one of the best engineering colleges in Bhopal MP


Written By:

Prof. Mythili Mahalingam

SISTec – Department of Basic Science

Sagar Group of Institutions – SISTec


More About Sagar Institute of Science and TechnologySISTec

Sagar Group of Institutions®(SGIs) – SISTec zests towards creating mindfully creative individuals who can contribute to the development of human community. As a part of this zeal, the group intends to promote entrepreneurial nerve in the budding scholars and involve in research and development through constructive partnership with the industry titans. The institutes also endeavour to develop individuals with scientific temperament through active participation of faculty and student interactions of B.Tech and M. Tech. SISTec in the coming years aims at bringing revolutionary changes in the field of technical education, so that it embraces itself as one of the top engineering colleges in Bhopal MPSagar Institute of Science & Technology (SISTec) has bagged the award of The Most Innovative College Award 2018 -North Zone. In 2018, Sagar Group of Institutions-SISTec has been selected for establishing Institution Innovation Council (IIC) at its premises by MHRD, Govt. of India.

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