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What is Education?

Some dictionaries define education as, “The process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and habits.” whereas in oxford dictionary, the word education is defined as, “The process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university.”

Thus comparing both and many other definitions of the word Education, it is clear that education is something which has to do with making yourself worthy.

But now the question comes, that making yourself worthy of What ? And worthy according to whom ?

In the beginning, the story of education started with a concept and vision to Train new staff according to the jobs availaible in the market at that time and amazingly we are still following the same system. Whereas job opportunities in the market are continuously evolving. The bigest drawback of this is that, the students are not being encouraged to follow their own unique path and create something innovative.

Thus, The only thing that our framed education system demand’s is to “Prepare our Childrens for being worthy of doing what their employer demands them to do.”

On the path of a modified and beyond the curriculum education. We at SISTec encourages our students to get involve in various Technical modules and trainings run by the institute, which are based on the various current job opportunities availaible in today’s market.
The department of Mechanical Engineering at SISTec organizes technical training modules over HVAC, Manufacturing Technologies, Quality Analysis, Virtual modelling and Analysis using various 3D softwares and many more. Whereas in the department of Computer Science and Engineering technical modules are run over various programming and machine learning languages in each semester. Similarly, all the departments are training their students in their respective current technologies everyday.
Apart from this, we provide platforms like Nirmaan, and encourage our students to take part in these home and foriegn events. So that they can utilize the skills they are trained in, and create something innovative to help themselves and society.
These trainings and platforms make our student being ready for the industry. This increase their chances for placements in today’s competitive market.
Based on our academic and placement results of last couple of batches, we can proudly say that our modified strategies are yielding good fruits. We here are trying to achieve what the word ‘Education‘ demands from an Educational organization. Thus I believe that this team is moving up in right direction on the correct path and I am proud to be a member of this wonderful team.

Written By:
Prof. Yasir Baig
SISTec – Department of Mechanical Engineering

Tripti Kumari

Digital Marketing Associate

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