7 Parameters that define the Best Engineering College in Bhopal MP

Why a 12th  pass student should go for engineering course?

The answer is “a good lucrative job with handsome salary”, as engineers get that.

But the question is “anybody who does engineering (means having an engineering degree) gets that”? The answer is a big NO.

Engineering field provides plenty of jobs with very good salary structure but to those who have the required practical knowledge and skill set, not just a degree; means one who possesses KNOWLEDGE and the ability to apply that knowledge.

Engineering college plays a very vital role to enable students to acquire and use KNOWLEDGE. Leading engineering institutes like IIT’s, NIT’s, IIIT’s etc are an example of the same. So what makes an engineering college to be a good one, let’s have a look:

Scientific way of teaching

Teaching is not easy. It’s not like one who is having degree only can become a teacher. Teaching is an art of transferring knowledge from one person to another. This requires training on scientific ways of teaching; right from setting the goal to achieve after completion of class, planning for it and finally lecture delivery. Very few engineering colleges actually are able to effectively implement such methodologies; they may be ready on paper but when it comes to execution its a failure for most of them. In private sector, at national level Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT University) is one such example. When it comes to Madhya Pradesh or specifically to Bhopal, SISTec is doing good on these lines.

Faculties with industrial exposure

As engineering is a practical course not a theoretical one, faculties plays a vital role in engineering education as they are the only means of passing practical knowledge; like how to use a machine when it comes to mechanical engineering. If faculties are having industrial experience, practical knowledge comes automatically.

Practical knowledge

Student must possess hands on experience of performing practicals. For this, lab conduction in college is really important. The college which keep its students more in labs is a good one. But it also means that faculties remain in lab during practical conduction and they involve with student in performing practical’s, ready to solve doubts wherever student gets stuck.

Industry readiness training

University normally revise syllabus after years. But industry is very dynamic. New machines/instruments and production line designs comes up frequently to improve quality and productivity. So by just studying university syllabus is not enough for a student to get a job with handsome salary. For this extra trainings are required, a college which offers such extra industry relevant trainings can be considered as a good one.

Personality grooming

How your first impression is, matters a lot. A good personality covers not only look & feel, but for a professional the traits that matters are: Attitude, Adaptive, Organized, Decisive, Balanced, Goal Focused, Self-Aware, Self-Confident etc. Grooming under experts is required for this. A good college must focus on the development of these personality traits as well.

Maximum utilisation of student’s time

Students’ time is precious; as more time is invested in quality work, more learning will happen. The colleges which provide full hostel with mess facility in campus for all students’ right from first year to final year are considered to be good one in satisfying this parameter. This saves a lot of time for students which otherwise be wasted in travelling etc.

State of the art Infrastructure

Last but not the least, a very good infrastructure which includes not only resources but a good classroom & campus ambience as well. Labs for every course/training equipped with latest instruments/tools, comfortable/spacious/digital classrooms, well maintained and updated library, range of sports facilities etc. are some needs that must be satisfied with quality.


Is something missing in above list? The PLACEMENT? Actually it’s a misconception that placement is the first step. Placement automatically happens when above mentioned parameters are satisfied. No company wants just degree holders, it want real engineering graduates with hands on practical exposure who are capable of doing work right from day-1 of appointment in company. So always think of acquiring KNOWLEDGE.


Finally, a college that satisfies all of the above parameters will be considered as a good one for education and for one’s career.


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7 Parameters that define the Best Engineering College in Bhopal MP
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7 Parameters that define the Best Engineering College in Bhopal MP
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