Treasure Hunt

Event Name: Treasure Hunt

Faculty Co-ordinator: 1. Ms. Neetu Singh – 6232962038

  1. Umesh Sahu – 9893663447
  2. Ms. Shaileja Sharma – 9981819116

Co-ordinator (student): 1. Bhanu Patel – 9340642784

  1. Anshul Raj – 8804114226

Event Description: This event consists of clues at every level, which will help the team to reach the final checkpost, where the team will get their final treasure. The first team reaching there, would be the winner.This event will check the physical as well as the mental ability of the team as a whole. The work and intellectual thinking is the key of the success.A reference map will also be provided for an inter-college team.The difficulty level will increase with the team’s progress. The given tasks should be completed in the minimum time provided to the teams.Few tasks will be given to them as in finding of the clues. They have to complete them and get the clues.

Team Size: Per team must consist of 6 members.

Rules and Regulations:

The basic rules and regulations are listed below-

  • The selection would be on FCFS basis. The first 20 teams will be participating in the main event.
  • The team must safeguard all the clues along with them until they reach the final checkpost and get it verified.
  • Elimination would take place on the different levels of the game.
  • Only three teams would be competing for the final stage.
  • The team reaching the final checkpost must have all the clues else the team would be disqualified.
  • No team is allowed to destroy any other team’s clue, else it will lead to immediate disqualification.


Other than these, rules have been decided on the basis of the games which will be conveyed to them verbally during the game.

Entry fee: 400 per team.

Prize: Rs. 5000 (for winner team)

Venue: SISTec campus (multiple places in the campus)

  • Starting of the event will be from the amphitheatre.

Time: 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Date: 20-03-2019

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