Sagar Sahitya

Event Name : Sagar Sahitya

Faculty Coordinator:   1. Dr. Neelesh Shrivastava – 9630451163

  1. Ms. Radha Rashmi Tiwari  – 9039421631
  2. Mr. Vinay Singh – 9425017733

4.Pawan Yadav – 9893663593

Coordinator (Student): Bilal K. – 8718860599


Event Description: Event consists of poetry.

Team Size: Any particular individual can participate.

Rules and Regulation:

  1. 1. Time duration is 5 minutes for the first round.
  2. Individual participation .It’s a one man show.
  3. Poetry should be self composed . It should not be copied from net or any competition.
  4. No indecency will be tolerated on stage.
  5. Poetry should not harm anyone’s sentiments example, it should not contain content related to cast/religion/nation etc.
  6. Judgment will be based on content of poem, way of presentation.
  7. Id card is mandatory for participate student.
  8. Dress code for all the participants is traditional (compulsorily).
  9. 9. Judges decision will be treated as final.
  10. There will be 2 rounds. Top 5 will be selected for the 2nd round i. e the final round.

11.Time for the second round will be 3 minutes.


Entry Fee: Rs100 per head.


Prize Money: 1. Winner – Rs 2000, 1 Shawl

  1. Runner up – Rs 1000, 1 Shawl


Time: 2 hours

Date: 19-03-19

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