Faculty Coordinator:   Ms. Shurabhi Soni- 8839611429

Ms. Neha Shukla-8989219258

Mr.Anoop Tiwari-9826240282

Coordinator (Student): Namrata chaubey (SAC)-9473748344

Sandeep Ranjan (SAC)-7322047717

Khushboo patel


Event Description:Its a musical show , participants from various colleges including our own can participate.

Team Size: Individual

Rules and Regulation: Round 1 (Auditions)- Participants can sing any song.

Time- 1 Min

Date-15-03-19 to 16-03-19

Round 2- Based on team’s Theme.

Theme will be given in audition’s round, according to there Theme participants will sing a song.

Round 3- Participant’s can sing only on Holi Theme.

Participants who are selected in round 2 only those can be able to sing in 3rd round.

The lyrics of the song should be proper and decent, if it is not up to the mark then the  participant can be immediately disqualified.

The participants need to maintain the decorum , even if  he/she doesn’t win.”

Entry Fee:       Rs.120/-

Last date for the Registration is 16-03-19 (Before the Audition’s)

On the spot registration will not accepted.

Prize Money:

Winner-₹ 2500

Venue: Creations

Time: 2.5 hours

Date: 20/03/2019

Material Required: Orchestra band, music player, mikes,judgement sheet 2 files, pen, pencil, eraser,

Auditions: Auditions is required

Auditions can be held on 15-03-19 and 16-03-19 (Register yourself before the Auditions).

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