Faculty Co-ordinator: 1.Mr Shahid sir – 8269552259

2.Mr. Harsh sir – 7898345270

Co-ordinator (student): 1. Vikalp singh(SAC) – 7470326362

  1. Ananya Shankar(SAC) – 7250098989

Event Description:

This event is totally based on acting. Participants should perform live tiktok videos

The best video will also be promoted.

Entry fee- 100 rs

Prize: 1st will be awarded by 2000rs and the second one which will be based on best innovative video (will be 1000rs)

Only solo performance ‘No group’s

Rules and Regulations: the basic rules and regulations are listed below-

There are three rounds.

First round (i.e. Check your ability) where participants will be selected according to their videos they have made already, second round perform on your own script (i.e. emotional, dramatic, comedy (time limit – 5min) and third round will be judge’s choice script round where written script will be provided to each participant.

Dance video are not allowed (even not slow motion videos)


Requirement: wireless mic, air mic, props

                         Projector , judgement sheet, some decoration

Venue: Ex/Ec AV HALL

Date: 19th February 2019

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