Faculty Coordinator:- Ms.Kavita kammakar-7746961950

Mr.sharad mohan shrivastava-9827612847

Coordinator (Student): Kartik kandwal(Sac)-7999923613

Deepika viswakarma.

Event Description:-In this event participant will be given 3 theme in which they have  to choose one of their choice and make a picture  in the form of flex. Template will be provided by co-ordinators. Picture will be evaluated on clarity of the topic, neatness, uniqueness and innovation and feedback.


  1. Pioneers of Electronic and Communication
  2. Current trends in Science & Technology
  3. Technological Solution to Social Issue

Team Size: 2 member in a team

Rules and Regulation:- Registration fee 50/

group of max 2 students is allowed,Idea should be original,size of images must be (2×3) feet , every participant must bring colour print out on flex on the day of event and they have to send softcopy in email (sharadshrivastava04@gmail.com), (ibharadwaj419@gmail.com).

Entry Fee: 50rs

Prize Money: First prize-1000/ per  category.

Total prize money:-3000 rs

Venue: EC department

Time: 12:00PM-02:00PM

Date: 19-03-19

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