Faculty Coordinator:  1. Mr. Amir Nasir (EX)-9039746202

  1.   Md. Aamir Hussen (ME) -8109348607

Coordinator (Student): – Sarvesh Rahate (SAC)

Event Description: A photography contest among various competitors.

Team Size: Individual

Rules and Regulation:

  • It’s open for all the photographers of different institutes.
  • We’ll ask them to submit 5 photos to us. We’ll give them the theme “Street Colors : Street Photography”. While submitting these 5 photos an amount of Rs.100 will be taken from each of
  • Our team will then shortlist the top out of these 5 of each photographs submitted.
  • From the shortlisted one’s we’ll again screen the top 80 from it, who will compete among each other for the photo exhibition and the cash prize.
  • Now for these 80 photographs we’ll give them the confirmation that you’re photos have been shortlisted for the exhibition and the competition.
  • We’ll ask them to pay Rs.200 for the framing now from these top 80 photographs.
  • On the days of the events our judge will then announce the winner of the competition with the cash prize, certificate and the frame.
  • Rest of the participants will be given the participation certificate along with their frames.
  • And for all those who couldn’t make to the exhibition round will be given DIGITAL CERTIFICATE with the genuine authorisation of the college.”

Entry Fee: *Initial Rs.100 , *for exhibition Rs.200 (printing and framing)  

Last date of submission: 16/03/19 (till 9 Pm)

Prize Money: Rs. 5000 /-

Venue: Smart Class , near First year cell ( Main Building )

Time: 2 Days ( 48 hr. )     

Date: 19 and 20 March 2019

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