Event Name: ​Electrospark

Faculty Coordinator:1- prof.shraddha udgir (9685717126)

                                    2-  prof.Sitaram sir(90394 27288)

Coordinator (Student)​: -1- Dimpy kumari(6th sem) 9504216176,

2-   Madhulika kumari(6th sem)  84058 80618

,                                        3- Alok raj(4th sem)82691 97506

4- Manish rai(4th sem) 73099 90944

Event Description: ​In this event there will be three  rounds in which participants have to make given circuit from the given components.

Team Size:  maximum 2

Rules and Regulation:

Round 1: In this round a team will have to complete the brade board circuit with the given components in order to make the LED glow in minimum time to qualify for the  next round.

Round 2: ​ Circuit making : All short listed teams will have to complete the two way switch circuit with the given components, again in minimum time. The teams that will complete the circuit in the least time will be qualified for next round.

Round 3- This will be our final round, in this round the qualified teams will have to complete an LDR circuit. The final two teams to complete the circuit in least time will be our winner.

Score Calculation:

All the rounds are based on time management (minimum timing).

Entry Fee: ​100/- per team

Prize Money:

First prize              Rs. 1500/-

Second Prize         Rs. 1000/-

Date & Time: ​19 Mar 2019, 11 AM to 2PM

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