Faculty Coordinator: 1.Rahul Shrivastava –  9893626634

  1.             Deepti Malviya – 9993430186

Coordinator (Student)​: – 1. Aditi Khare (SAC) – 8989174872

  1. Shweta Malviya

3.Shubham Chouhan

4.Pavan Meena

Event Description: ​In this event there will be two rounds in which participants have to make given circuit from the given components.

Team Size:  maximum 3

Rules and Regulation:

Round 1: In this round participants have to recognize the five components with specifications from the bunch of components within 90 seconds (Upper time limit). For every wrong identification there will be time penalty of 15 seconds.

Round 2: Circuit making : All short listed teams will perform this task simultaneously. There will be a LDR based circuit  for which  180 seconds (Upper time limit) will be given to complete the task. If  team announced that they are done and it doesn’t work then there will be time penalty of 20 seconds.

Score Calculation:

Round 1 Score  = 1000/(time taken to identify components + time penalty)

Round 2 Score = 1000/(time taken to complete task + time penalty)

Final Score = 20% of round 1 + 80 % of round 2

Entry Fee: ​150/- per team

Prize Money: ​

First prize          Rs. 1500/-

Second Prize    Rs. 1000/-

Date & Time: ​19 Mar 2019, 1 PM to 3PM

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