Faculty Coordinators: Mr.Rajeev Kumar Sahu (9425303505)
Ms.Smriti Jain (9479394749)

SAC Co-ordinators: Manish Singh(Sac)-7898716659
Sakshi Kumari(Sac)-9109594239
Lalit kumar meena
Abhinav karn
Nishank Singh Sisodiya

Event description:In this era of technological advancement and spirit of leaping forward in every way, Sagar Fiesta’19 brings you spectacular variety of competitions. We invite you to melt your brains in the web of competition – “CLASH OF CODIES”. We provide you the unfathomable complexities which demand to overcome. Think hard, scrabble your mind and fit into the empty shells.
“Clash of Codies” is a platform for students of engineering colleges to prepare themselves to become smart professionals. This contest will encourage the spirit of competitiveness and accelerate learning within the student community.
Will you be able to code your way to glory?

Rules and Regulations – Programming Contest:
 This is an individual event.
 Participation for this event is open for all.
 You need to register for the contest as a participant to our volunteers by providing necessary personal data before the registration closing date.
 Once you register for the event, indicate your acceptance that the organizers decision will be final and binding.
 Certificates will be distributed for every participant after the final round.

Round 1: (True Blue)-This being the first round of the event will have 30 question(10 question –MCQ,10 questions –Jumbled and rest 10 is Missing line questions).The time limit of this round is 30 minutes. The elimination will be according to the cut-off (question dependent). 50 participants will be short-listed from round 1.

Round 2: (Discover)In this round the selected participants will be given the output of a program. The participants will then have to discover (identify) the appropriate logic used to give that particular output. There will be four questions each. Time limit of 45 minutes. The number of students going to the final round will be 25.

Round 3: (Typhlotic)The last and final round is BLIND CODING which will decide the winners. In this round participant has to write the code for the problem statement ,with the MONITORS OFF.Time limit is 45 min.The highest preference will be given to the participant whose code gets executed.The second preference will be given to the participant whose code generates less number of errors.In case of tie in numbes of errors then timming will be considered.

Entry fee- 50/-

Prize Money- 1st prize-3000/-
2nd prize-2000/-
3rd prize-1000/-

Time-3 hrs
Venue- Lab 7,8,9,10

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