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Mr. Ashish Labade

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Prof. Ashish Labade has joined Sagar Group in August 2019. He is B.E. in Computer Engineering from Nagpur (RTMNU) University. He is an IoT (Internet of Things) Developer/Trainer & Web Developer. He has 10 years of experience in Web Development with different technologies. He has 4 years of experience in Internet of Things & Embedded System Design. He has delivered more than 15 Workshops and more than 13 Expert Lectures in domain IoT (Internet of Things), Web Development, Cyber Security, Ethical Hacking, PCB Design, Embedded System Design, LED Manufacturing & Solar Energy. He has designed & developed more than 200 projects under IoT & Web Technologies. He has 30 days of experience of training students in MGIRI (Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Rural Industrialization), Wardha. He has 10 years of experience in Project Development in the domain of IoT, Cyber Security, Cryptography, Web Application, Open Source Database, Embedded Hardware Design, etc. He is an Animal Rights Activist in Vegan India Movement & FIAPO (Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organizations). He is also an Active Member of PETA (Peoples for Ethical Treatment of Animals), India.


  • Subject: Internet of Things, Web Technologies, Cyber Security, Embedded System, etc.
  • Programming Languages: Arduino Programming, C, C++, Processing, MATLAB, PHP, Python & JavaScript.
  • Web & Graphics Design: HTML, CSS & Adobe Photoshop CC
  • Database: MySQL
  • Hardware: All Arduino Boards, STM-32, ESP8266, ESP-32, ATMEGA328, ATMEGA2560, ATiny85, ATMEGA32U & Raspberry Pi.

Career Highlights

  • Has 10 years of self-experience in Web Development with different technologies.
  • Has 3 Years of experience in Embedded System Design & IoT (Internet of Things) worked as Project Developer & Research Engineer at L-Tech Labs, Wardha (MH).
  • Has 1 Year of experience as an IoT Trainer at Webgurukul, Nagpur.
  • Has 10 years of experience in designing & development of Software & Hardware based projects.
  • He delivered & conducted more than 14 Technical Workshops in different Engineering Institutions in Maharashtra & Madhya Pradesh. (Web Development, Internet of Things and PCB Design).
  • He delivered more than 13 Expert/Guest Lecture in different Engineering & Educational Institutions in Maharashtra. (Cyber Security, IoT & Web Technologies).
  • He performed more than 8 Vegan Activities for Animal Rights Awareness, Environment, Health & Animal Rescue.
  • He delivered 3 Faculty Training Programs on “Internet of Things” in various Engineering & Technical Institutions.
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