mr. anupam kumar singh, assistant professor, faculty in mechanical engineering college

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Mr. Anupam Kumar Singh

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Prof. Anupam Kumar Singh has an enriching experience of 4 years in academics and industry. Before joining academics, he contributed in industry as a project engineer in the field of HVAC. He aims at pursuing high definition research programme that could bring revolutionary changes in the field of mechanical engineering. Skill oriented education is his focal point.


  • Heating ventilation and Air conditioning.
  • Engineering Thermodynamics

Conference/Workshop Highlights

  • Paper presented on “Design of Chassis for Automobile”.
  • ISTE Workshop on “Engineering Mechanics, Thermodynamics & Fluid Mechanics” conducted by IIT Mumbai.
  • Workshop on “Variable refrigerant system, design and installation” conducted by ASHRAE-the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (Ahmedabad Chapter).

Career Highlights

  • Member of “The Vigyan Bharati”, Madhya Bharat Prant.
  • Facilitated for outstanding project (Foldable Tricopter using light weight material) in Srijan.
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