Department of CSE-GN has organized a 3 days STTP on Machine Learning Approaches and Its Application in IoT from 15 to 17 Sep 2018. Chief Guest of STTP Prof. S C Choube, TEQIP Coordinator RGPV appreciated efforts of SISTec for quality conduction of these types of events. He offered us to coordinate such events outside Bhopal on behalf of RGPV. According to him very soon SISTec will be known as Machine Learning Hub in M.P.

We have got 357 online registrations across M.P. for attending this STTP. From Bhopal, we have got participation from LNCT, JNCT, Oriental, TIT, Truba, NRI, SIRT, Patel, RKDF, IES etc.

The feedback from the participants was awesome. They were highly impressed by the Experts and Content of the STTP. They appreciated a lot about the ambience and hospitality of SISTec. They requested us to organize next STTP on the advanced topic of Machine Learning. This time we have taken one more initiative of recording Video Feedback of outside participants along with the written feedback.

On behalf of the organizing committee, we are grateful to Chairman Sir and MD Sir for permitting us to conduct this STTP. We want to thank the Principal and Vice Principal for their guidance. Special thanks to Mr. Sourabh Gupta and his team for their endless support as always.

Date: 17-09-2018

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