Shubhagam 2K21 - Orientation Program for SISTec and SIPTec Students

SHUBHAGAM 2K21 at Sagar Group of Institutions-SISTec

With the emphasis on creating vivid prospects and a plethora of opportunities for the young minds, SISTec and SIPTec Gandhi Nagar wholeheartedly welcomed the newly admitted students in the orientation program - SHUBHAGAM 2k21 on 09th November 2021.

Students along with their parents were cordially welcomed to the auditorium followed by the formal commencement of the programme with the lightning of the lamp and Saraswati Vandana. The programme was graced by the auspicious presence of honourable Managing Director Mr. Siddharth Sudhir Agrawal, Director Dr. Jyoti Dekhmukh, Principal SISTec Dr. Keshavendra Choudhary, Principal SIPTec Dr. Kuldeep Ganju, and Vice-Principal SISTec Dr. Swati Saxena.

The auditorium was full to its capacity with new faces, ambitious eyes, and aspiring minds. The programme began with a spellbinding welcome dance by students of SISTec. Principal SISTec, Dr. Keshavendra Choudhary in his address discussed how sometimes our own habits are a hindrance in the way to success and the importance of maintaining a balance between mental and physical health. He assured the students that the institute will always be their support system throughout the journey.

Principal SIPTec, Dr. Kuldeep Ganju welcomed the students and parents on behalf of Sagar Group. Through his influential speech using various anecdotes, he emphasized developing one’s own perception. He added that one should have ownership of their ideas and own perception of success.

The college choir then gave their extremely engaging medley presentation which compelled the audience to follow their beats. Group Director Dr. Jyoti Deshmukh in her address lauded the faculty for not just being knowledgeable but also focusing on practical and skill-based learning. Vice Principal Dr. Swati Saxena through her presentation took the gathering on a virtual college tour and introduced various departments along with a glimpse of cultural activities organized throughout the session.

Managing Director Mr. Siddharth Sudhir Agrawal in his keynote address urged the students to be career conscious without having career fear. He also stressed the importance of developing communication skills which is the need of the hour. A musical skit tracing four years at college earned applause from the gathering. Corporate training team head Mr. Badal Bose discussed the working of his team along with various intra-college events organized by them. Group Head Corporate Relations SISTec Ms. Prachi Shrivastava stated the scope for employment opportunities and various avenues open for the students. College President Mr. Anshul Raj welcomed the new students on behalf of the student community of the college. The programme came to a wholesome end by receiving feedback from parents who were truly happy and contented by choosing Sagar Group as the one-stop destination for their child’s future.

Date: 09-11-2021

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