Sagar Fiesta 2k19 Day 1

Sagar Institute of Science and Technology (Sagar Group of Institutions-SISTec), Gandhi Nagar began its much awaited vast vista of vibrant colours Sagar Fiesta 2k19 – a grand Inter College Techno Cultural Fest 2k19 with great zeal and excitement. Sagar Fiesta 2k19 began by lighting of ceremonial lamp and seeking blessings of ‘Goddess Saraswati’ by Ms Radhika Agrawal –Director Sagar Group, Ms Alpa Prabhu - Principal Sagar Public School Gandhi Nagar, Dr. Keshavendra Choudhary – Principal SISTec, Gandhi Nagar, Swati Saxena - Vice Principal SISTec, Dr. Kuldeep Ganju - Principal SIPTec, Dr Abhishek Tripathi - HOD, SISTec MBA along with other Head of Departments, faculty members, staff and over 650+ students from over 20 colleges were present on the occasion.

Sagar Fiesta 2K19 Day one events comprised of technical competitions conducted by the various departments of SISTec which included : Picturesque- Exhibit of street photography contest; Sagar Sahitya- self composed poetry competition; SagarRoadies – Tow Your Wheel, Maze Runner, Monkey Crawl, Rabbit Hole, Unlock your luck etc); Jenga - task completion with the blocks; Abhikalp (Rubik’s Cube) – creation and completion of patterns; Live Tik Tok – an acting based emotional talent hunt competition; RoboMania – Obstacle based robot race in a defined track with Robo Soccer; Scrapy Machine- creations of working machines and models from waste; Flexomania – Creation of poster on technological solutions, trends in science & technology etc; E-Abhikalpana – creation of working models using electronic components circuit boards etc; Electrospark – use of components and hardware using electrical components like two way switching, LDR sensor, LED circuits etc to create real time working solutions; Clash of Codies – coding contest through project execution using imagination; Blacklash – LAN gaming in a complex environment; Aakar – creation of operational bridge models using ice cream sticks; Seek the answer peek the book – Pharma hunt competition based on clues with use of references in SIPTec library; Management Dangal – physical, mental, team building, task oriented and stress management competitions based on various hurdles with clues in a time management format and Sanranchna – creation of actual and existing civil structures of Bhopal with brief presentations. The Sagar Fiesta 2k19 boasts of unique creativity, passion and vibrancy.

Date: 19-03-2019

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