Sagar Euphoria & Shine

Sagar Euphoria and Shine is the most awaited annual fest of SISTec – Ratibad Campus. Usually celebrated at the end of March, The First day of the 3-days fest, is dedicated to performing-arts and grandiloquent attires; a completely different side of budding engineers. It kicks off with a themed dress code which turns out to be the source of fun and happiness. The day keeps you busy with back-to-back competitions; the prime ones being Rangoli, Solo Singing, Face Painting, etc. However the fest always keeps room for new and strange ideas of each and every member of the family, so new events continuously keep on adding with each passing year.

The second day is completely engrossed in technical creativity and challenging the intellectual sharpness. One can witness students moving busily all around the institute with posters, laptops, robots, strange-looking models and what not. Most of the presentation rooms like AV Hall and Auditorium are packed with on-going technical seminars, paper presentations and exhibitions.

The Final Day evening is called upon for celebration and enjoyment. Sans competition, sans pressure, it is the day to congratulate oneself for his/her achievements all through. The active participation of students and proper co-ordination of the faculties the annual function becomes the most awaited evening of the entire Sagar Euphoria and Shine. Studded with powerful dance performances, musical extravaganzas and drama-acts, forces each of the audiences to get onto their toes and join the enthusiasm and celebration.

Date: 22-03-2017

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