PTM for First Year students on 9th Feb 2020.

Teachers and parents provide a vital support system to help students flourish. When parents and teachers communicate and work together effectively, it can significantly impact each student's long term success.

With this motive SISTec GN organized a Parents - Teachers Meet today for parents of first year students from Bhopal and I am pleased to share that parents gave a very overwhelming response. Total of 150 students and parents attended the program.

It started with the welcome address by respected Principal sir followed by presentation showcasing the glimpses of activities and achievements of our students in the past few months.

Program was glorified by very informative session of Dr. Ritu Nanda Ma'am on Parenting . Parents appreciated her session very much. It was an excellent presentation which will be beneficial to all of us present there.

I would like to express my gratitude to Ritu Nanda Ma'am for sparing time for the program.

Heartfelt thanks to Chairman Sir and Siddharth sir for their valuable suggestions and support.

All first year TGs and Ms. Nidhi Ojha are praiseworthy for their efforts. It was a well thought and planned program. Thanks to admin team for their support.

Date: 09-02-2020

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