NCC Cadet Conferment Ceremony was conducted at SISTec Gandhi Nagar

NCC Cadets Conferment Ceremony & Honoring of Cadets who glorify the name of SISTec in All India Thal Sena Camp:

NCC Cadets Rank promotion (conferment ceremony) due to their overall performance.

  1. Venu Gopal Bharti as SUO
  2. Dharmendra Lodhi as UO
  3. Vachaspati Trigun as UO
  4. Mohneesh Singh Yadav as UO
  5. Piyush Soni as CSM
  6. Bibhu Baibhav as CQMS
  7. Amber Jain, Ashish Pandey, Kapil Nema, MD. Wafi Qureshi, Nishant Kumar Singh as Sgt.

Along with this ceremony, SISTec also honoured one of the cadet - Sgt. Nishant Kumar Singh for his outstanding journey of success from CATC to TSC Delhi.

He has spent approximately 70 days in camp to win the medal of TSC. He started his journey from SISTec to Delhi, from Cadet to Sargeant, from the Cadet of NCC coy SISTec to representative of MP & CG. Because of his hard work he got the achievement at the unit level, group level, directorate level and finally national level.

SISTec and NCC congratulate Nishant by providing him with Trophy and badge of TSC.

Keshavendra Choudhary - Principal SISTec, Kuldeep Ganju Principal SIPTec, Swati Saxena - Vice-Principal SISTec, B.S Kushwaha - Administrative Head and ANO - Anoop Tiwari were the presenters for the ceremony. All have appreciated the cadets for such achievement. Principal SISTec wishes to both the cadets who are now attending the camp at EBSB-Leh and IGC-RDC at Rajpur.

Date: 18-10-2019

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