SISTec-Department of Mechanical Engineering Industrial Visit to Sanchi Milk Processing Pvt Ltd on 22nd Feb 2020

Fourth semester students of Mechanical Engineering Department had an IndustrialVisit to the "Sanchi Milk Processing Pvt Ltd" which was a wow learning experience for them.

Industry has capacity to produce 4 Lakh Litres of only drinkable milk daily. They also used to produce Paneer and Ghee. Raw milk is brought to the industry from the nearly villages and then processed to final stage for selling. There are many laboratories where milk is tested regularly and if it is found okay as per the standards then the process is initiated. Tests like Urea, Fat, Sucrose and Fructose tests are done to categorize pass out milk and product milk. Some physical tests are done to identify the density as compared to water such as cow milk is preferred to be 1.3 times denser than water. After testing, the milk is heated and then cooled in automatic machines. Density of the milk is maintained similar throughout the product. Butter and fat are extracted from the raw milk and then processed to form Mava and Ghee. Finally the non-fatty milk is packed with the help of packaging lines which are fully automatic without any manual handling.

Date: 22-02-2020

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