Industrial Visit to SNPL (Sagar Nutriments Private Limited) by 6th Semester Mechanical Engineering Students on 13th Feb 2020

Students witnessed an amazing process through which lots of Rice is prepared in SNPL (Sagar Nutriments Private Limited). At first the raw material as paddy goes through the Husker then paddy separator, destoner, thickness grater and then followed by whitener in the last stage. The unwanted top most layer of the raw material is removed in the husker. Paddy separator removes the paddy from the rice. Mean while the destoner removes dust and small stones from the rice. After that, the rice is graded according to the thickness in the thickness grater, then it is loaded in the whitener to polish the rice and then finally it is dispatched. Also the rice is collected and separated according to its colour like red, black, yellow by applying 2.5 GPA pressure and this pressure is applied thought air.

Date: 13-02-2020

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