Know Your Campus

The Student Activity Council organized "Know Your Campus", an exclusive event for the hostel students. In this event, the students divided themselves into teams of three and were given a questionnaire based on the college campus. The students ventured into different parts of the college to uncover the answers in a time-limit of 30 minutes. The team with the most correct answers was declared as the winner.

Mr. Adil Mansuri (SAC President) and Ms. Preeti Kumari (SAC Vice-President), under the guidance of Dr. Sfurti Verma, coordinated this event. Ms. Preeti welcomed the Heads of the Departments and participants for this event and explained the rules. The participants, upon the wave of the flag, rushed against time to complete the event as fast as they can. Mr. Vinayak Acharya concluded the event by declaring the winning team followed by a group photograph.

The winning team consisting of Mr. Suraj Kumar (CSE - 2nd Year), Mr. Ashutosh Kumar (ECE - 2nd Year), and Mr. Ravi Kumar (ECE - 2nd Year) were felicitated in the morning assembly by Principal Dr. Manish Billore.

Date: 04-03-2021

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