IIC-SISTec organized Webinar on Know the Industry

Institution's Innovation Council (IIC) at Sagar Institute of Science and Technology (SISTec), IIC-SISTec formed under Ministry of Education ( MoE) MHRD's Innovation Cell organizes Live Webinar — "Know The Industry" with Department of Corporate Relations at SISTec


EminentGuest & Speakers of session: 

1) Mr. Leonard Jesuraj, Human Resources Manager Netlink Software

2) Mr. Manish Nim, Research Associate & Technical Trainer DRMZ System Innovations Pvt Ltd (Drmztech)

3) Dr. N.K Choubey, Sr. Principal Scientist & Head, Intellectual Property Facilitation Centre.

4)  Mr. Yogesh Khakre, COO-B-Nest Incubation Centre Bhopal Smart City Development Corporation.

Date: 27-02-2021

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