Face-2-Face Personality Recalibration Program

An interactive session for 1st Year students was organized by the Corporate Relations Team at SISTec-R to give them an introduction about the rocket start towards a successful journey of the next 4 years.

The event headed by Prof. Prachi Shrivastava (Group Head, Corporate Relations) started with welcoming words for the budding technocrats followed by a captivating series of slides about the Personality Traits, Technical bend towards Corporates, Market scenario during COVID, forthcoming events, and activities for them.

She briefed the students about the Do’s and only the Do’s that need to be followed for a successful career. Further, she explained the career options available post their 4 Year Journey. She gave great pointers on Positive Attitude Building and made them aware of the latest trends and skillsets required for the corporate.

The session was further continued by Mr. Ekansh Shukla (Corporate Relations Associate) on how to build a professional persona using LinkedIn and how it can help them in developing connections.

Date: 01-02-2021

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