Bonnaru-Film Festival Inaugration

BONNARU – Film Festival Inaugration

BONNARU is like a festival for everyone to sample the sights, sounds and flavour of the film in SISTec Campus. BONNARU is festival diversity: encourage the breadth and variety of views. Inauguration of BONNARU shows the democratic art of the film, witness different stories. Executive Director SISTec, Principal SISTec, Principal SPS-GN and Vice Principal SISTec inaugurated the Film Festival and welcomes everyone for the unique event happening first time in Bhopal. Day 1 comprises of different events that shows different approaches to life, film as an art form, a medium and a tool of social expression. Screening of AZAD movie was organized at inauguration ceremony. This BONNARU film festival is different from other events happens in Bhopal it is festivals that encourage and create a dialogue between people. Events like: Debate competitions, movie by picture, movie screening and review and lecture on film technology is also overwhelming, inspiring, eye-opening and energizing events. It is, A WHOLLY UNIQUE EVENT.


Date: 05-02-2018

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