Anubhuti - Gao Chale Hum

Anubhuti -Gaon Chale Hum - India is in villages. Our villages are the real picture of our country by which we can make various aims of life. We can dream the development. We can search the pathway in the shadow of a village to make India 'Vishwa Guru'.

By this concept, SFD organizes this camp.This was a four days camp in a village -Lanjhi, Near Pipariya, Hosangabad promoted by RGPV under rural outreach. In which 40 students of different branches and years have participated to experience village life. For personality development of students, this camp includes Yoga, exercise, meditation, Prabhat pheri, expert lectures on different topics, group discussion, sports and cultural activities.It was a practical learning which students have experienced.

Date: 15-03-2018

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