SISTec, Gandhi Nagar

SISTec is the Top Engineering College of Sagar Group of Institutions in Bhopal. It is one of the most popular and awarded Best engineering college of Bhopal.

Sagar Institute of Science and Technology (SISTec) in a short span of time has become one of the Top colleges of Bhopal for Engineering Education. SISTec since its inception has carved a niche for itself and started figuring in the list of Best Engineering Colleges in Bhopal. With its empirical academic methodologies, state-of-art infrastructures and facilities, SISTec has become a preferred destination for recruiters and engineering aspirants. Housed in the picturesque lush green ambience - SISTec over the years has proved and lived up to its commitment of delivering high quality technical education at par with the ever changing technical scenario across the globe. Inter-disciplinary and practical approach in regular academic delivery, emphasis on the over-all growth of students, excellent facilities, constant innovation in teaching and training, best placement initiatives and regular campus recruitment trainings are the key features that SISTec strives on. Affiliated to AICTE and State Technological University SISTec offer engineering courses in different disciplines at both UG and PG level.


Dr. Pallavee Bhatnagar is Principal of SISTec GN. SISTec GN is Best Private Engineering Colleges in Bhopal

Dr. Pallavee Bhatnagar

BE, M.Tech, Ph.D

Highlights of SISTec, Gandhi Nagar

  • Estd.- 2007   :   College code- 0187
  • Total Intake - BE (540), M.Tech (90)
  • BE : ME - 120, EC - 60, Ex - 60,
            CS - 180, CE - 120
  • M.Tech : CSE - 18, DC - 18, MD - 18                          TP&E - 18, VLSI - 18
  • Best Upcoming Engg. Institute of India

SISTec-E, Ratibad

SISTec-E is one of the top Engineering Colleges in Bhopal that offers renowned BE and M.Tech programs under the flagship of Sagar Group of Institutions.

Sagar Institute of Science, Technology & Engineering (SISTec-E) is one of the Top colleges of Bhopal. With technology and innovation driven approach it has become one of the best colleges in Bhopal for Engineering Education. Situated in the scenic suburb of Bhopal amidst huge campus spreading over 12 acres area, SISTec-E is a preferred destination for nascent engineering entrants. Through, its highly tangible curriculum dissemination, SISTec-E has attested that it truly deserve to be identified as one of the top colleges in Bhopal. The ultra-modern amenities blended with competitive academic consistency, opportunities for industrial exposure for the students and well defined labs provide great learning opportunity to the students. Affiliated to AICTE and Rajiv Gandhi Proudoyogiki Vishwavidyalya (RGPV), SISTec-E since its inception has extensively nurtured its students to not only become technocrats but also good researchers, entrepreneurs and corporate.


Dr. Suresh Kumar Babbar is principal of SISTec-E Bhopal. SISTec-E is TOP Engineering Colleges in Bhopal

Dr. Suresh Kumar Babbar

B.Tech, M.Tech, PDBA, PGDM, Ph.D

Highlights of SISTec-E, Ratibad

  • Estd.- 2009   :   College code- 0536
  • Total Intake - BE (300), M.Tech (18)
  • BE : ME - 90, EC - 60, EE - 90, CS - 60
  • M.Tech : Power System - 18

SISTec-R, Ratibad

Awarded as the Most Innovative Engineering College in MP SISTec-R is one of the Best Private Engineering College in Bhopal from Sagar Group of Institutions.

Located amidst wonderful scenic natural environment with large campus, Sagar Institute of Science, Technology & Research (SISTec-R) has emerged as one of the best colleges in Bhopal. Sustainable and futuristic approach has made SISTec-R a hub of technical education over the years. The college offers UG and PG courses in all popular disciplines of engineering. Innovative research opportunities for both faculty and students had been a strong focus area at SISTec-R. The state-of-art infrastructure clubbed with excellent academic delivery, training and placements are the strong credentials that secured a place for SISTec-R among top institutes of Bhopal. With its innovation and research driven approach, SISTec-R aims to transform itself as a conglomerate of R&D in the years to come. College is affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi Proudoyogiki Vishwavidyalya (RGPV) and AICTE.


Dr. Jyoti Deshmukh is principal of SISTec-R Bhopal. SISTec-R is TOP 10 Engineering Colleges in MP.

Dr. Jyoti Deshmukh

BE, Diploma in Industrial Electronics, M.Tech, Ph.D

Highlights of SISTec-R, Ratibad

  • Estd.- 2009   :   College code- 0537
  • Total Intake - BE (330), M.Tech (36)
  • BE : ME - 90, CS - 90, CE - 90, EC -60
  • M.Tech : CTM - 18, CSE - 18
  • Most Innovative Engg. College in MP

SIPTec, Gandhi Nagar

Sagar Institute of Pharmacy and Technology or SIPTec is a renowned CPCSEA Registered, PCI & AICTE Approved Top College of Pharmacy in Bhopal.

The Sagar Institute of Pharmacy and Technology (SIPTec) came into existence in the year 2008 with a vision to impart quality education. It is now one of the best pharmacy colleges in Bhopal offering B.Pharm and M.Pharm courses in the discipline of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry. The college courses are duly approved by the Pharmacy Council of India and AICTE with an affiliation of State Technological University. SIPTec being a top pharmacy college in MP is committed to the education of students who, upon graduation, can meet the public need for safe and effective pharmaceutical care. Students and faculty generate and disseminate knowledge contributing to the education and continual professional growth of pharmacists, educators, scientists, and other healthcare professionals. The characteristics of quality instruction, basic and applied research, besides extensive knowledge on pharmacy practice settings contribute to making the SIPTec curriculum rewarding and satisfying experiences.


Dr. Kuldeep Ganju is principal of SIPTec Bhopal. SIPTec is Best Pharmacy Colleges in Bhopal

Dr. Kuldeep Ganju

B.Pharm, M.Pharm, Ph.D

Highlights of SIPTec, Gandhi Nagar

  • Estd.- 2008   :   College code- 0514
  • Total Intake - B.Pharm (60),                                   M.Pharm (36)
  • M.Pharm : Pharmaceutics - 18,                             Pharmaceutical Chem. - 18

SISTec School of Management Studies

SISTec-MBA is one of the top Management Colleges in Bhopal from Sagar Group of Institutions. The institute offers MBA in Marketing, HR, and Finance.

The SISTec School of Management Studies (SISTec-MBA) is affiliated to the Barkatullah University Bhopal and is seen as a top MBA college in MP. The SISTec MBA programme prepares students with the practical skills and academic knowledge-base that are essential for meaningful business and managerial careers. At SISTec the MBA programme is so well structured and imparted that working managers and emerging professionals will earn the degree and the competencies to survive and thrive in today’s complex and uncertain business or organizational settings. Student learn to deliver value by using business intelligence and analysis to make decisions, implementing projects through collaboration and teamwork, and exercising leadership to create change. SISTec MBA offers specialisation in Finance, Marketing and HR stream.


Dr-Abhishek-Tripathi is an HOD of MBA of SISTec Bhopal.SISTec is best Engineering Colleges in Bhopal.

Dr. Abhishek Tripathi

M.Com, MBA, Ph.D

Highlights of SISTec - MBA

  • Estd.- 2009
  • Total Intake - MBA (120)
  • MBA : Finance, Marketing, HR, Retail Management, Banking & Financial Service Management